About Our Pastor 
“I want nothing more than to see God’s children living victorious, making a difference and winning souls for the Kingdom of God!”
Helen R. Kinloch
Founding Pastor 
Pastor Kinloch is the founding pastor of God’s Way World Outreach Church.  With charisma and knowledge, she passionately leads the citizens of God’s Way each week.  Pastor Kinloch has over 35 years of education and experience proclaiming God’s word, proving that one can reach any generation of God’s people, if you are dedicated to following His ways.

Named one of the “World’s Most Loved Pastors” by Gospel Today Magazine and one of “South Carolina’s Most Influential Pastors” by Grace Magazine, Pastor Kinloch continues to transcend beyond the four walls of the church; bringing healing, restoration and hope through Jesus Christ to those in need. Most notably, she operates in the prophetic giftings and as a result, has witnessed thousands of lives restored from cancer, diseases, depression, oppression, barrenness, divorce, suicide, and poverty.  

Pastor Kinloch is the author of two books, “Tell Them Now,” “How to Make Heaven Happy,” and a local quarterly magazine, “The Prophetic Voice.”  She is married to her high school sweetheart Deacon Flash Kinloch, Sr.  Her six children describe her as “The most caring mother anyone could ask for, who does it all for everyone.” 

Pastor Kinloch’s pursuit in life is to simply help God’s people and to finish the work He has called her to do.