Stories from our citizens of miracles, hope and healing through God’s divine power
“The psychologist said that finishing college was not in my future.” 
I was referred to a psychologist who told me that I wasn’t ready to go back to school. He told me that finishing college was not in my future because, my mind was all over the place. He said that I didn’t have a clear vision or focal point in life. As a result, he decided to test me for ADHD and found that I was positive. However, I am so happy that the Lord had a different plan for my life.
I believe that I attended one of the toughest colleges in the state of South Carolina. With this in mind, for nearly eight years, I went through a series of events that affected my ability to complete my studies. However, thank God for prayer, faith, hard work, and a church family that encourages and prays for each other.
During my time out of school, my prayer life increased and I was able to really build my faith in God. I attended church more and learned about what the word of God said about me. As a result, in December of 2016, I was baptized and I saw the immediate change in my life. Less than a month later, God opened the door for me to go back to school. My tuition was paid in full and God gave me favor with my professors. Despite what the psychologist said I excelled and received my Bachelor of Science degree. I was overjoyed that God gave me the victory over what seemed like an impossible situation. He was truly with me.
As I reflect on my life, God delivered me from depression, anxiety, suicide, failure, hardship with school and so much more. One of my professors sent me a card saying, “No matter where you go in life, never lose your tenacity and drive.” Although I took those words in with great appreciation, I truly owe it all to God. I never want to lose Him, my faith and belief that He makes all things possible.   I feel so blessed because through it all, Christ was with me. 
“The doctor said I was dead, God said otherwise.”
I went to the hospital for what was to be a routine follow-up appointment. During this visit, my doctor told me that I needed to be hospitalized. As I was immediately admitted to ICU and I started praying. I remembered the words of our Lord in Isaiah 53:3, “By His stripes I am healed.” I fell into a coma and while in the coma, the Lord took me on a journey through a long tunnel and the only way out was to pray. I could hear Pastor Kinloch’s voice telling me to keep fighting and don’t lose faith. I could hear her saying God is going to give me a total recovery. As I traveled through this tunnel, I started seeing a light. I was thank God, so much because He was with me the entire time and I came out of the coma. Nevertheless, just two days later, something very devastating happened to me.
I remained in the hospital and unfortunately started to experience a series of health complications. It was on this particular day that my heart stopped and the doctor said that I was dead, they had lost me. God said otherwise. I was told during this time, my Pastor and church family, started praying for God to bring me back. Through the miraculous power of God, prayer and faith; minutes later my heart started beating again. I am truly a living miracle. There was not brain damage, I did not need the assistance of any breathing machines and today I am walking, talking and driving again. I AM HEALED!