Coronavirus Update 2

Regarding Our Weekly Church Schedule
Dear God’s Way Church Family,
I pray that you all are well and living victoriously! As of March 16th, to safeguard against the spread of the Coronavirus, Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie and the town of Mount Pleasant has declared a state of emergency in Mount Pleasant effective until March 31st.
The Town of Mt Pleasant is following the CDC guidelines for mass gatherings not to exceed 50 persons. As a result, we will be suspending our normal weekly Gatherings on Sundays and Wednesdays until further notice.

At God’s Way Church, with the growing concerns about the Coronavirus, we want to ensure the protection of our citizens, our community and the world around us. While we won’t stop our mission of ‘Transforming Lives to Impact the World,’ we are making a few changes to how we normally carry out that mission.
Here Is What You Should Expect:
We will maintain our weekly administrative operations to take care of our church operations and to serve our Citizen’s needs, but we need to alter the ways you normally interact with us.
Please call the office if you need something or if you want to stop by the church. We want to limit physical interactions as much as possible.
We will post weekly lessons for In-Home and TeleBible Study for the next two weeks on our website (
-Get Started at 7PM
-Start with prayer and thanksgiving
-Conduct Bible Study as outlined
-Conclude with giving (Online, Mail-in, Text-to-Give)
We will post our message for Sunday 
-Join via the website at 9AM Sunday Morning
-Start with prayer and thanksgiving
-Tune in to the message
-Conclude with giving (Online, mail-in, text-to-Give)
We will seek to make provisions for any of our citizens that may not have access to the internet.
We have assembled Coronavirus Response Team to support the needs of our citizens during this time. The primary focus of the team will be as follows:
-Monitor the Risk and Impact to our Citizens associated with the Coronavirus
-Assess Coronavirus Threat Level
-Streamline information – find reliable sources of information
-Identify resources that may be available to our citizens – surrounding area
-Maintain church operations – provide resources and help identifying resources
-Outreach to the community, government and other churches
-Stay connected with our citizens
-Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
We are thankful for your understanding as we continue to navigate these evolving circumstances.

These are certainly unprecedented times. No one could have ever imagined in an age where people are more connected than ever before, we would be practicing social distancing and isolation. However, even in times when we may appear to be isolated, we are never alone! God is always with us. When Moses departed to the mountain and stayed for 40 days, he was not alone! He received the Ten Commandments! When Daniel was thrown into the Lion’s Den, he was not alone! He brought back a testimony of triumph and faith that would carry on for generations and generations! When John was exiled to Patmos, he was not alone! There the Lord commanded him to write the book we know as Revelations! You are never alone! God is with us!
My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you! I pray God’s shield and protection of you and your family!

Remember to include the following in your daily prayer:
-We thank you God for your mercy and for your peace
-Let us pray for those individuals and families who either are or will be affected by this virus and for their healing.
-We pray for the doctors and medical professionals who are on the front lines caring for those who contract coronavirus.
-Let us pray for medical researchers who are diligently working to create a vaccine for this virus.
-We pray for our leaders in office, including the president, vice president, governors, and local officials as they guide us through this moment.
-Let us pray for the church to respond with thoughtfulness, wisdom, and love.
-We pray for the continued advance of the gospel even as this trying moment continues to unfold.
With Love,
Pastor Kinloch